Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 6 - Prodigal Son - Thurs.

We’ve been learning about God’s gracious love through the parable of the prodigal son. Our hearts naturally wander and we listen to a myriad of competing voices leading us in many directions. We can trust our heavenly Father who loves us so much that He runs toward us to restore us to a right relationship with Him through Jesus.

We’re seeing the Lord change hearts with His love this week. 

We’ve seen some encouraging changes in campers:
- A camper who is consistently angry at home is having a great week at camp. We're praying that the things he knows in his head would touch his heart as he faces returning to a difficult situation at home.
- One camper, who was opposed to memorizing the Bible, has become happy about doing memory work.
- One camper is always kind and social, but has limited his conversations to surface-level topics. He’s begun to ask deeper questions (for instance, he asked about sin).
- A camper who has gotten in a lot of trouble this week reacted well when his cousin was restrained: he encouraged his cousin to settle down and not fight back.

We’re also seeing God work through campers to show His love to other campers.

We’ve seen campers help and lead:
- Campers have encouraged and supported one of their peers who has a torn hamstring. His limitations have discouraged him and he’s wanted to go home. The care of the other campers has given him a desire to stay at camp.
- A camper is looking out for his younger brother in an encouraging way.
- A staff person took note of a camper who “really helped lead” during the campout on Wednesday night. He took initiative to pitch in and help the counselors.  He mentored another camper during devotional time, giving very helpful advice.

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